Fast Track to Cash: Wholesaling

Technically you need $0 to start wholesaling, however, there are SEVERAL tools and things you need that will make wholesaling MUCH easier and MUCH faster to start making money.   It is the ideal strategy if you are a new investor who does not have any money or credit and are looking for an easy way to get started.

Sometimes the current owner of a property no longer needs it and is unwilling or unable to invest the time and effort required to prepare it for a typical sale. Instead, they pay a wholesaler to find end buyers for them.

Meet Cortney Jones, she has bought and sold over 500 houses using creative real estate financing.  She is currently an active wholesaler throughout the US.  She has been investing in real estate for over 30 years! Learn from her experience.

Cortney will cover: 

  • Where to find motivated seller leads who will sell at a discount
  • How to talk to sellers and find their motivation
  • Finding cash buyers to quickly get a payday
  • 7 things EVERY wholesaler MUST know to avoid breaking the law
  • Systems to Automate the process
  • Step by step system to 90 days to cash

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Do you have limited capital to start real estate investing? Are you great at meeting new people?  Would you be good at talking to owner of distressed or off-market properties? Then wholesaling might be for you.  You just need to learn how it all works together to help you buy more houses and increase your profits by tapping into the experience, knowledge and expertise of the experts around you!

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What: Fast Track to Cash: Wholesaling
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When: Wednesday, July 13, 2022
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